What is strip mining made of

Rod mill - A rotating steel cylinder that uses steel rods as a means of grinding ore. Basic rocks - Igneous rocks that are relatively low in silica and composed mostly of dark-colored minerals. Various constructions of wire rope are designated by the number of strands in the rope and the number of wires in each strand. As a verb, it refers to this function; as a noun it refers to all the equipment and materials--timber, roof bolts, concrete, steel, etc. A trend towards increased surface mining had begun to emerge in the late s.
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The presence of coal in Alberta is first recorded by a European explorer.

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Improving media capacity: Profits, publishing, and the strip mining of media models

Much of that forest was mined for coal in the past, but there may be more blowback there. Strip mine - An open-pit mine, usually a coal mine, operated by removing overburden, excavating the coal seam, then returning the overburden. Coal Gasification — The conversion of coal into a gaseous fuel. Marginal deposit - An orebody of minimal profitability. Heading towards the top, there occur lithofacies with different characteristics, in particular the emergence of centimeter to millimeter layers that give rise to a parallel and horizontal stratification in the form of a rhythmite, with interspersed layers that are red and cream in color. Dip needle - A compass with the needle mounted so as to swing in a vertical plane, used for prospecting to determine the magnetic attraction of rocks. Magnetic separation - A process in which a magnetically susceptible mineral is separated from gangue minerals by applying a strong magnetic field; ores of iron are commonly treated in this way.
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Modeling and planning of bentonite clay mining: a case study at Bañado de Medina, Melo, Uruguay

There would be an increase in mineral reserves, while the material handling costs would drop significantly Figure 8. Acid deposition or acid rain — Refers loosely to a mixture of wet and dry "deposition" deposited material from the atmosphere containing higher than "normal" amount of nitric and sulfuric acids. The main objective in any commercial mining operation is the exploitation of the mineral deposit at the lowest possible cost with a view of maximizing profits. Free Market Environmental Protection. Pyrite - A yellow iron sulphide mineral, normally of little value. Slate - A miner's term for any shale or slate accompanying coal.
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Scaling - Removal of loose rock from the roof or walls. Channel sample - A sample composed of pieces of vein or mineral deposit that have been cut out of a small trench or channel, usually about 10 cm wide and 2 cm deep. The length of these strips may be hundreds of metres. Hydraulic control refers to the mechanical control of various parts of machines, such as coal cutters, loaders, etc. Base metal - Any non-precious metal eg.
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